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Retro Rocket Entertainment

Jan 26, 2015

We discuss the movies that were Dumped in the worst part of the year 2005-2014.  Elektra, Constantine, Boogeyman, Running Scared, Smokin Aces, Ghost Rider, Jumper, Taken, Green Hornet, John dies at the end and more in our final chapter of this series. 

Jan 26, 2015

We changed the format to give you a double dose of animation fun. This week we discuss these cult classics.

Jan 25, 2015

Bob Clendenin may be the busiest actor in the biz.   From the cult series QuickDraw and 10 items or less, the smash hit Cougar Town and the upcoming Paul Blart 2.  We discuss the beginnings of his career in low budget actions shows to his breakthrough performances on That 70's show and The Practice.  Honestly if I were...

Jan 17, 2015

Flashdance, Woman in Red, Runaway Train, When Harry Met Sally.  Some of the best movies of the 80's  Seinfeld, Curb your enthusiasm, Newsradio and Murphy Brown. Some of the best tv shows of the last 20 years. Free Ride, Red sky and Shrink Rap, some really good indy flicks of the last decade.   What do all of these have...

Jan 12, 2015

We Discuss the movies that were unceremoniously delayed or dumped in the dead of winter from 1995-2004.    Demon Knight,  Daredevil, Quick and the Dead, From Dusk Till Dawn, Dark City, Office space, Pitch Black, Kung Pow and much more.