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Back in Toons Mortal Kombat: The animated series
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 Back in Toons-Kidd Video

We discuss this cult classic rock and roll/ cartoon fable. 

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 Video Night!: 1984

We celebrate 30 year anniversary of the greatest year in movies (in my humble opinion). From the rise to cult status of Buckaroo Banzai to our confusion as to how Cloak and Dagger is made for kids.  From the low budget charm of Dreamscape to epic scope of Dune.  From the groundbreaking Repo man to the full fledged studio film John Carpenter's Starman.  Our ode to Catherine Mary Stewart and other strong female characters.  The rise and fall of Michael Pare and much more.

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Video Night! presents Writer/Director: Ben Rock

I interview Writer/Director Ben Rock on his career.  From the beginnings doing FX on low budget action flicks (Bloodsport 2!), designing the look of Blair Witch Project, directing shorts and documentaries that balance the line of real and unreal.   Then we discuss his New Cult Classic Alien Raiders (seriously, really good, don't let the title decieve you), working with Ron Howard on Rush and the aborted Dark Tower project.  Finallyworking with the underrated genius of Curtis Armstrong and the talented tour de force known as French Stewart.

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Back in Toons- WIll Vinton special

We discuss the works of animation legend Will Vinton while we watch his Christmas special.

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Retro Rocket Radio Super Secret Underground Show!

Radio is the same old same old.  Playlists are to impersonal.  Music shouldn't be defined by genre or decade.  FREE the music and your mind. This is geared for anyone who wants to hear songs that cover every style, year and subject.   Some favorites mixed in with under the radar songs that RULE!

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SILENT night VIDEO night: A guide to unconventional Holiday movies

  We cover cult classics, horror flicks, movies that take place during the holidays but not necessarily about the holiday itself (i.e. Die hard) and more

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Video Night!  presents Misunderstood Movies with  Mr. Lobo

Mr. Lobo and I discuss the long history of misunderstood movies and discuss his show Cinema Insomnia where he shows flicks that are lost or underrated.

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 Back in Toons: Darkwing Duck
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Last episode we covered 50-25 of the top biggest box office bombs of all time.   This episode we discuss the top half.  What will be number 1?

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