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We discuss the silverhawks while watching the first episode of the series.  

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Back in Toons Classics-Toxic Crusaders

we host a commentary track for the cult classic toon Toxic Crusaders. 

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Retro Rocket Entertainment Special 4/20 edition

Everything Pot related.  We discuss all sorts of reefer madness in entertainment.

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Video Night! presents So I married an Ax murderer

we dive into a commentary track for one of our favorites growing up.  So I married an ax murderer was a complete flop when it came out but turned into a big cult classic. 

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Retro Rocket Entertainment Episode 4

We discuss Police Academy, The crow, Greatest Comedy Stars and more in our new studio!

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 Back in Toons Classics-Ultraforce

We discuss this short-lived cult classic based on the comic book.

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Retro Rocket Entertainment episode 3

Opening day of Baseball, 25 years of Bill & Ted and Tetris. 15th anniversary of The Matrix and John Mclane vs Snake Plissken.

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