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SILENT night VIDEO night: A guide to unconventional Holiday movies

  We cover cult classics, horror flicks, movies that take place during the holidays but not necessarily about the holiday itself (i.e. Die hard) and more

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Video Night!  presents Misunderstood Movies with  Mr. Lobo

Mr. Lobo and I discuss the long history of misunderstood movies and discuss his show Cinema Insomnia where he shows flicks that are lost or underrated.

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 Back in Toons: Darkwing Duck
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Last episode we covered 50-25 of the top biggest box office bombs of all time.   This episode we discuss the top half.  What will be number 1?

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 Back In Toons: Gargoyles

We discuss the Cult Classic Ground Breaking series from Disney.

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 Video Night: BOMBS AWAY!

We discuss the top 50 most unsuccesful movies of all time!

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Back in Toons: Tailspin

We dig into the Cult classic Disney series.  

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Back in Toons-Aladdin

We discuss the classic series and films from the world of Aladdin.

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