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Back in Toons-Jaycee and the Wheeled Warriors & Spiral Zone

Back with another fan request episode with 2 futuristic toy tie-ins: Jaycee and the wheeled warriors and Spiral Zone.

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Back in Toons Mini-Sode: Star Blazers

We do another of our fan requested episodes: Star Blazers.

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Video Night!: Silent Night, Deadly Night series

We have a blast discussing one of the craziest franchises ever: Silent Night Deadly Night!

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Back in Toons-Star Wars special with Ewoks and Droids

We discuss the first two Star Wars animated spin-offs, the live action tv movies, Star comics and more.

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Back in Toons- A Charlie Brown Christmas special

We discuss one of the most significant animated specials of all time.

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Video Night!: The Star Wars Prequels

Part 2 of our Star Wars series discussion where I try and find redeeming qualities in the prequels and Jacob just craps all over pretty much everything.

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Video Night!: Star Wars: The Original Trilogy

Another Franchise Frenzy comes your way as we discuss the first 3 Star Wars movies.  Well the first 3 that were released, that were in the middle.  That were rereleased with new footage, altered footage with new fx.  Then it was released again with more alterations.  Okay, let me shorten it to :The Great trilogy.  Not the headache inducing one.

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Full Throttle Podcast-The Fall Guy, Rockford Files & Mannix

We discuss 3 shows that focused on three blue collar guys fighting crime and driving cool cars.

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Back in Toons mini-sode: Starchaser: The Legend of Orin

This episode we focus on a movie for the first time. Starchaser is highly entertaining for being pretty much a rip-off of Star wars.  

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First episode of a series where I discuss with others there first and worst jobs.  This one is just solo though where I tell you about my newspaper job and working with my con-man of a father and then the total moral and ethical destruction I caused while working at Mcdonalds.

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