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Back in Toons -Biker mice from Mars & Bucky O'hare

We apologize for the long delay for this episode we promised back in Sept.  but finally we discuss Biker Mice from Mars and we also talk about Bucky O'hare and the Toad Wars.   

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We discuss the beginnings of the show, where we are at and where the show is going.  Tons of goofy memories and suprising announcements of what we have coming up.

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Back in Toons-Incredible Hulk & Savage Dragon

We discuss the classic Marvel series and the cult classic Erik Larsen's The Savage Dragon cartoon.

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Back in Toons-Gary Owens Tribute w/Space ghost Roger Ramjet & Blue Falcon
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FULL THROTTLE TV-Dukes of Hazzard, BJ & the Bear, Movin on & Highwayman

This episode we discuss tv shows that had more of a Good Ol boys vs the corrupt law kind of vibe.   That and we just have a fascination with the CB/Trucker lifestyle.  It's weird, we know.  

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Back in Toons-Spider-man cartoon spectacular

We discuss the classic Spider-man animation series from 1994 and the Spider-man and his amazing friends toon.   We dive into everything we could about the Webhead for an hour.  Honestly we could have gone for days but filibuster's don't go well with podcasts.

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Video Night's Guide to unconventional Valentine's Day flicks

Our guide to romantic comedies & dramas that go against the grain to give you something fresh, intelligent and unusual.  I love you man, Run lola run, Man with two brains, Punch Drunk Love, Eagle vs Shark and much more.

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Video Night! interviews actor Pat Healy

I have a great conversation with Pat Healy star of some fantastic flicks like Innkeepers, Compliance and Great world of sound. We discuss his new cult classic in the making Cheap thrills.  We also dive into the current state of independent films, finding an audience and getting much love from his fans ( Martin scorsese is one!).  Adventures in tiny budget flicks to big studio movies like Captain America and Draft Day.  Sit back and enjoy another great hour of Retro Rocket Entertainment.

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Back in Toons- Thundercats & Tigersharks

We do a double feature of Rankin/Bass toons: Thundercats and Tigersharks

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Full Throttle Tv- Airwolf, Blue Thunder & Automan

We launch our new show where we focus on tv shows that had awesome vehicles.  

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