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 Trash Cinema- Shaq Attack!

We discuss the short-lived somewhat disasterous acting career of Shaquille O'neal .

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 Trash Cinema- Bladesploitation flicks

We totally made up a genre!  Rollerblades were one of the biggest fads of the late 80's -early 90's.  So much so that there were a handful of movies solely devoted to the sport (!?) hobby (?!).  None of which were masterpieces or barely more than being actual films.  Cheesy fun all around.

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 Trash Cinema-Breakin 1, 2 & Kickin it old skool.

This is our pilot episode of Trash Cinema.  The cult blog is back and is now a podcast.  We discuss trashy movies, exploitation and grindhouse flicks, big bloated studio crap and movies that surprised us by looking crummy and actually being awesome.   

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Back in Toons- Street Sharks & Jabberjaw

We discuss two cult classics from the 70's and 90's.

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Video Night: White Knuckle Road Thrillers!

We discuss some of the best but underrated or undiscovered Thrillers set on the road.  Death Valley, Breakdown, Joyride,  Race with the Devil, Eric Red's badass Cohen and Tate and much more.  Prepare to sweat and grind those teeth and not because we are self indulgent (well a little).   Very proud of how far we have come with this show.  It's shorter, tighter and more production value.  

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Full Throttle TV-CHiPs, StreetHawk & Then came Bronson

We discuss three classic Action shows from the part that focused on the motorcycle.   CHiPs, StreetHawk and Then came Bronson.

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Video Night: Road Trip

Part 1 of a series of Road/Car oriented movies.  First part is Weird, Wild and Wacky.  We discuss forgotten or underrated road trip flicks like Harold and Kumar, Rubin & Ed, Something Wild, Midnight Run, Dudes, Magicians, Starman and more.

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Back in Toons- Astro Boy & GoBots

We discuss the classic anime series and the much maligned Challenge of the Go-Bots.

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Back in Toons-Jonny Quest & James Bond Jr.

We discuss the ground breaking, trend setting Jonny Quest and the 007 spin-off (sorta) James Bond jr.

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Video Night goes Intergalactic!

We discuss forgotten and underrated Outer Space movies like Outland, Jason X, Galaxy Quest, Galaxy of Terror, Moon 44, Iron Sky, Starship Troopers and more.

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