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Back in toons-Iron man (1994) & Avengers: United they stand

Just in time for the new Avengers movie we discuss the 1994 Iron Man series & Avengers: United they stand.  

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 Trash Cinema: Super Zeroes

We discuss 2 mind boggling, eyeball searing, ear bleeding, pants pooping inducing god awful comic book movies from Marvel.

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Video Night Mini-sode: Furious 7

We discuss the latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise.

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Back in Toons-Ducktales & Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers

We discuss two ground breaking cartoons that basically kickstarted the animation revolution of the 80's and kind of saved Disney from fallling apart.

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Video Night!: Hot pursuit

Our third part of Road/Car flicks where we focus on High speed chases, street racing and some random car movies that have the pedal to the metal.   The fast and furious franchise, Transporter, The wraith, Convoy and more.

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Video Night! Mini-sode: Neil Blomkamp's Chappie.

The gang discusses everything right and wrong with Neil Blomkamp's Chappie.

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Back in Toons-Speed Racer & Pole Position

We discuss two racing cartoons- The classic Speed Racer and the not so classic Pole Position

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 Trash Cinema- High speed trash.

We discuss 2 high speed race movies that just didn't get to the finish line.   The much-maligned and misunderstood Speed Racer & the barely a movie race flick Redline.

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Full Throttle TV-Starsky & Hutch/Hardcastle & Mccormick

We discuss two great action shows from the past with awesome vehicles and a buddy vibe.  The dramatic cop show Starsky and Hutch and the comedic/vigilante adventures of Hardcastle & McCormick.

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Back in Toons - Heathcliff & Garfield and friends

Which cartoon cat reigns supreme is this episode where we discuss Heathcliff and Garfield and Friends.

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