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Andrew invites Rob Godinez of the bands Nostromo & Blocked Numbers to discuss Alien: Resurrection the weird and unique final entry into the classic sci-fi series. Is it a great conclusion or one sequel to many?

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Trash Cinema- John Waters

We discuss 2 features from John Waters filmography that are Good ol fashioned trashy but are they good movies?

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Back in Toons-SWAT Kats & WildC.A.T.S.

We discuss two Superhero 90's toons with a feline vibe.

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Back in Toons-Fist of the North Star & Thundarr the Barbarian

We discuss 2 post-apocalyptic cartoons just in time for the new Mad Max movie.   Fist of the North Star is a mind-blowing ground-breaking anime and Thundarr the Barbarian might be the most badass cartoon ever.

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Video Night! presents 2015 Summer Movie preview

We discuss the hottest and most interesting movies coming out this summer.

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Full Throttle TV- Back to the future Trilogy

We discuss what may be the greatest trilogy in cinema.  If not, it at least has the coolest and most iconic car in film history.   We cover the flicks, the cartoon and the videogames.  So hang out everyone, the flux capacitor is......fluxing and lets go back in time!

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Video Night!  Carpocalypse Now!

It's our final chapter of Road/Car movies where we discuss the Mad Max franchise and the movies that were influenced by the series or were just flat out awesome Post-apocalyptic films.

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Trash Cinema- Sword and Lunacy

We discuss two flicks starring Sandahl Bergman.  First up is SHE the post-apocolyptic, sword and sorcery, werewolf fighting, mummy punching, cannibal beating...WTF is going on in this bonkers movie.   Then the spin-off from Conan, Red Sonja where Bridgette Neilsen attempts acting, Arnold gets duped into starring and Dino De Laurentiis watches his fortune disappear.  

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Back in Toons- Dungeons and Dragons

An episode nearly a year in the making, mostly due to scheduling.  We discuss this classic series and the world of D & D.

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 Trash Cinema-Kiss my trash.

A Gene Simmons Double feature of Trash.  The goofball super-hero adventures of Kiss and Gene Simmons heads out on his own as a Transvestive terrorist vs Superspy in training John Stamos.  Who has the better mullet?

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