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We went to the annual pirate festival in Rockaway Beach & hit the Tillamook air museum this week!

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Trash Cinema- Crank!

We discuss what maybe the most bonkers action franchise series ever, Crank.

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PNW RULES!-  Rockabilly and Hot Rods Weekend.

This week we went to see which Coastal Casino is the best in Oregon.  We attended the Dwight Yoakam show at Chinook winds casino. Then we went to the Roll the Dice car show at Spirit Mountain where one of Oregon's best bands The Twangshifters gave another great performance.   

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 Trash Cinema-Tyranosaurus Sucks

Just in time for Jurassic World, we discuss two hideous nightmares that apparantely were sold as "Movies"  Carnosaur and Theodore Retch.. I mean Rex.   

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Full Throttle TV-Miami Vice, Nash Bridges & Houston Knights

This week we focus on Miami Vice,  Don Johnson's follow up series Nash Bridges and the Vice influenced Houston Knights.

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PNW RULES!- Get your Celtic On.

Kilts, Haggis, Bagpipes and throwing heavy sh*t .We went to the Celtic Festival and Highland Games to discover some of my heritage and see some awesome events.   

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Video Night! When Robots Attack!

We discuss underrated robot flicks that are more than meets the eye.

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Stumbling towards adulthood-Goonies Day!

Goonies Day is coming up and if you want to attend it, listen to our visit to the festival last year! We went to the 30th anniversary festival of the Goonies in Astoria, OR.  We report on the events, the cast and crew panels,  the locations and the great town itself.

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Trash Cinema: Game Over!

We discuss Super Mario Bros and Double Dragon. Everything that is wrong with Video game movie adaptations started here.   

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Video Night!  Mad Max: Fury Road

We discuss the nonstop, pulse pounding, heart-stopping, eye-popping, peddle to the metal, balls to the wall, most badass movie of the year!  Was that to much hyperbole!  I think not.   

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