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 Trash Cinema- Peter Jackson's early movies

We come to the end of season 1 of Trash Cinema so we went big.  We discuss the first 3 movies from Peter Jackson's Filmography.  Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles and Dead Alive. Before he went all studio with Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson was making some of the most outrageous, original and Puketastic flicks around.   

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Video Night!- Modern Westerns

We discuss 6 modern age westerns that put a new spin on a classic genre. 

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Trash Cinema:  Surf Ninjas/ 3 Ninjas

Somewhere along the way ninjas stop being dangerous and cool and basically became Home alone style villains.   I blame these movies for this.   Surf ninjas is dumb but kind of fun.  3 ninjas is the kind of movie that makes you rather spend the same amount of time hitting yourself in the face with a dead fish.  

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Back in Toons - Super Mario Bros & Legend of Zelda

We continue our month of Cartoons based on Video Games.   We discuss all 3 Mario Cartoons and then we suffer through Legend of Zelda.  The kind of terrible toon that ruins friendships, destroys lives and ends worlds.   

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Video Night!:  Mom and Dad save the World & Stay Tuned

We started this episode as Trash Cinema since both movies bombed and hated by critics.  Here is the weird thing, we loved both movies and somehow it seemed more appropriate for the Video Night podcast.  So you know....Crossover!

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Full Throttle TV- Magnum P.I.,  Simon & Simon, Matt Houston

Get ready to kick into high gear!  we focus on cool detectives Magnum P.I. , Simon & Simon and Matt Houston. 

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Back in Toons- Pac-Man & Saturday Supercade

Video Game month continues as we discuss the very first 2 animated series based on arcade games.  Pac-man & Saturday Supercade which featured Donkey Kong, Pitfall, Q-bert, Frogger and Kangaroo.

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Retro Rocket Entertainment- San Diego Comic Con edition

We return after a whole year in cryogenic slumber just in time for SDCC! We discuss all of the big trailers for Batman v Superman, Deadpool, Suicide Squad and Ash vs Evil Dead.  DC or Marvel as favorite reads.  Hal Jordan vs Kyle Rayner. We also discuss the birth of Pong,  Wesley Snipes possibly returning as Blade,  David Lee Roth years of Van halen, Better off Dead and Real Genius.  

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Video Night! James Spader double feature: Tuff Turf & The New Kids

We celebrate 30 years of James Spader on the big screen.  This year he plays the villian in one of the biggest movies of the year Avengers: Age of Ultron.  So we decided to go back and revisit his first 2 big screen roles in Tuff Turf and The New Kids

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PNW RULES!- Best coffee in Portland (Burgers & Tea too!)

We discuss a handful of great coffee & tea places in PDX and threw in some solid burger joints.

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