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Video Night!- InterNOT!

This episode we discuss 4 flicks from 1995 that thought they knew what the internet would look like IN THE FUTURE!  Boy, they were wrong.  Johnny Mnemonic, The Net, Hackers & Virtuosity.     

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PNW RULES!- Best Pizza in PDX

From slices to a whole pie, we discuss what are the top pizza places in Portland.

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Back in Toons- Smurfs and the Snorks

No need for an explanation, so let's have a Smurfy good time.

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Back in Toons-X-men & Silver Surfer

X-men: The animated series was one of the most important cartoons of the 90's.   It dived deep into the mythology created in the comics and stayed true to the characters.  It along with Batman:TAS set the standard for all comic book toons to come.   Silver Surfer was a well recieved series that was cancelled for one of the dumbest reasons ever.   We discuss both and dig into some classic comics the series came from.  

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Retro Rocket Entertainment- Nerd Entertainment System

This episode we discuss our favorite Nintendo games from 1986, Return to OZ, Joe Dante's Explorers,   What went wrong with Fantastic Four,Ben Affleck's next project and much more.

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Video Night!- Summer Fools!

We discuss 5 wildly different flicks with one thing in common. They are all about summer!  Back to the Beach, Summer School, Point Break, Falling Down and The Way Way Back.

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Episode 5 of "What did I just watch??!!"

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Another "What did I just watch??!!"   with the gang.

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Back in Toons- Fantastic Four & Bionic 6

Now it might seem like a odd combination but when you look closely The bionic 6 have strong similarities to Fantastic Four.  

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This week the gang tackles another "What did I just watch?"  with Sleepaway Camp.  

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