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Back in Toons Super Show!: The Simpsons & Futurama

We decided to go big for this episode by discussing two of the greatest cartoons of all time, The Simpsons and Futurama.  We also somehow found time to also chat about Family Guy,  entertainment news and throw in a sketch for you.  ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED! 

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Full Throttle TV- A-team, Stingray & the Highwayman

We launch season 2 with one of the most beloved action shows of the 80's, The A-team.  We also discuss Stingray from creator Stephen J. Cannell and Glen A. Larsen's The Highwayman.   All three had the theme of renegade lawmen who took on corruption to save the common man (and woman).  Of course, not only do we discuss the show but we also dig into what made the vehicles they used so awesome.  

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We discuss the most pivotal year in sketch comedy-1995.   The year that Saturday night live fell apart and had to start over.   The end of Kids in the Hall and the State.   The birth of Madtv & Mr. Show with Bob and David.   The odd experiment that was House of Buggin.   We discuss the cast, the skits and what succeded and what failed.   

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Video Night Blinded me with Science!

30 years ago in one month we got three fun sci-fi comedies that are still worthy of discussion.  Weird Science, Real Genius and My Science Project.  

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Back in Toons Super Show!- Tribute to Jay Ward

We discuss the great works of Jay Ward Productions.  Rocky & Bullwinkle,  Dudley Do-right,  George of the Jungle, Sherman & Peabody and many more toons were created by this satirical animation master.

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Back in Toons Super Show!-SNICK

This episode we try something a little out of the box, we discuss the original Snick lineup and the shows that led up to it.   Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, Doug,  Pete & Pete, Roundhouse, Clarissa Explains it all and Are you afraid fo the dark?

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Full Throttle TV: Special Edition-Smokey and the Bandit series

Before we start season 2 of Full Throttle TV we do a special edition where we discuss the Smokey and the bandit series.   So whether your eastbound and down or Texas bound and flyin, your sure to have a wild ride Junior!

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Back in Toons Super Show!  Reboot and Shadow Raiders

We officially launch the new version of Back in Toons with new format and different approach to the show.  We discuss Reboot, Shadow Raiders and all the news coming from the animation, comic and video game world.

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Video Night! The Legend of Wes Craven

We honor the passing of the master of horror Wes Craven.  We discuss his filmography and the groundbreaking work that he did in the genre.

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