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Video Night! Rocky Horror Picture Show/ Shock Treatment

We discuss the 40th anniversary of the Rocky Horror picture show, chat about our personal discoveries of the flick, favorite song and the highly misunderstood sorta sequel Shock Treatment.

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Back in Toons mini-sode: Akira

Fan request episode and our first one to discuss a movie.  I watch Akira for the first time and my guest Tony is confused as how I have never seen it.  I was not in a coma or born yesterday.  I just missed a couple days in first grade and have been catching up ever since.

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Stumbling towards adulthood-Radio Daze

We discuss the greatness of WKRP in Cincinnati, our time working in radio and celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the most underrated tv shows, Newsradio.

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Full Throttle TV-The Munsters & The Addams Family

We do a Halloween special devoted to kooky families and their awesome vehicles.

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Video Night! The House Franchise

We begin a special run of episodes called Franchise Frenzy where we discuss every entry in a series.   House being the first and many more to come. 

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Back in Toons Super Show-Beetlejuice & Addams Family

We discuss two film/tv to cartoon adaptations Beetlejuice and the Addams family.  Do they surpass their source material or do they fall short?

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Video Night! Critters and Ghoulies and Gremlins: Oh my!

Another Franchise Frenzy episode of Video Night!   For the most part this is about the Critters series but Ghoulies, Munchies, Troll, Hobgoblins and of course Gremlins are all discussed.

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Back in Toons Super Show-The Critic & Dr. Katz

We aim towards more grown up fare with two cult classic prime time toons that surprisingly get better with time.

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Video Night!: The Howling Franchise

This episode covers one of the most frustrating, bonkers and just plain odd horror franchises ever.

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Back in Toons-Mini-sode: Centurions

We start a new run of Mini-sodes devoted to underrated and/or forgotten cartoons or movies from the past.

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