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First episode of a series where I discuss with others there first and worst jobs.  This one is just solo though where I tell you about my newspaper job and working with my con-man of a father and then the total moral and ethical destruction I caused while working at Mcdonalds.

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Video Night!: Fright Night series

We discuss the original series, the remake and the pointless sequel to the remake which has the exact same plot as the original.  So it's a sequel that's a remake but not of the original part 2 but of the first movie which was already covered with the remake.  Fuck I need an aspirin.  

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Video Night!: The Rambo Franchise

We continue our Stallone franchise discussion with the Rambo series.

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Video Night!: The Rocky Franchise

We breakdown every entry of the Rocky series for another episode of Franchise Frenzy

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Back in Toons- Pixar: The first decade

We celebrate 20 years of Toy story and discuss the first decade of Pixar films.

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Back in Toons Super Show!: Halloween Special!

Our first annual Monsterpalooza where we discuss 4 monster based cartoons. First up is Drak Pak, then Groovy Ghoulies, Attack of the killer tomatoes and Creepy Crawlers.  Throw in some sketches and straight up goofy behavior and you have what may be our best episode yet.   

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Stumbling towards adulthood-Rock On!

Live and in Concert!  Not really,  but we discuss our the concerts of our youth and more recent ones from our favorite bands growing up.  KISS, Poison, Devo, Metallica, Soundgarden, Ozzy, Soundgarden, Adam Ant,  Foreigner, Ramones and More.

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