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Full Throttle Podcast- The Cannonball Run Trilogy

We may have ended the regular series but we have a few movie specials in store for you.   This episode we discuss Cannonball Run 1 & 2 and Speed Zone (aka CR 3)

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Video Night! The Kitsch of Tim Burton

We discuss the period of Tim Burton's career that focused on retro kitsch.  We cover Edward Scissorhands,  Cabin Boy, Ed Wood and Mars Attacks.

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Back in Toons- Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer & Frosty the Snowman

We discuss two classic Rankin/Bass animated specials and basically turn both of them into horror shows.  We know,  we are awful people.

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Trash Cinema- Jack Frost (1997) & Santa's Slay

We return for our holidays special with two bonkers horror comedies set during the coldest of cold.  

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Stumbling Towards Adulthood- The 1986 Holiday Wishbook

We discuss the 1986 Sears Wish Book, it's silly fads and amazing toys.   Go here to see the catalog while you listen to the episode

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We discuss our top choices for holiday viewing this season.   We chat about Christmas Story,  Ernest Saves Christmas,  White Christmas,  Bad Santa, Just Friends,  Harold and Kumar X-mas and more.

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Video Night! 30th anniversary of Legend & Labyrinth

We discuss these two fantasy classics.  Nuff said.  

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Back In Toons: The Perfect Saturday Morning episode 9

This episode we discuss Ed, Ed and Eddy, Spider-man (1994 series),  Samurai Jack,  X-men: Evolution,  Our favorite breakfast cereals,  Gundam Wing  Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and more

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Back in Toons: The Adult Swim Chronicles pt. 2

This episode we discuss Home Movies, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  

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Video Night!: Dark Horse Comics on Film

It's the 30th anniversary of Dark Horse Comics and we discuss the films based on their works.   The Mask, Timecop,  Hellboy,   Tank Girl, G-men from Hell and more.  

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