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Full Throttle Podcast- Batman '66 & The Green Hornet

We discuss two of the most iconic cars in television and dynamic shows Batman 66 and Green Hornet.

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Back in Toons-WTF edition Mystery of the Third Planet

We start a new tradition where we discuss really weird, bonkers or just plain screwy animated cartoons and films.  This episode we discuss one oddball Russian flick Mystery of the Third Planet.

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Video Night! Lethal Weapon series

For our final franchise frenzy of season 1 we discuss the Lethal Weapon series.

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Back in Toons-Heavy Metal
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Video Night!: Loved it, Hated it!

 We discuss 2 flicks we loved and now hate and then 2 flicks we hated but now love.  Kill Bill, Mallrats, Equilibrium and The Box.

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Full Throttle Podcast-Viva Las Vegas!

This episode is a little shorter as we focus on only two shows and their awesome vehicles-Vega$ with Robert Urich and Las Vegas with James Caan and Josh Duhamel.

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Video Night!: The Die Hard Series

Yippie Kay Yay podcast lovers. It's time to discuss one of the greatest action franchises of all time.  We discuss the actors who were nearly John Mclane, the best sequel and try to forget part 5 even exists.

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Video Night! Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I think we waited long enough to discuss the new Star Wars flick without ruining it for anyone late to seeing it.  But then again, why are you listening to this before you watch the movie?

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Back in Toons-Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy

For the first time ever, we revisit a cartoon for further discussion.  Fans were disappointed we barely discussed Ren and Stimpy for the SNICK episode, so we went back and digged in deeper.  We also chat about the edgy cult classic Rocko's Modern Life and touch upon the bizarro Brothers Grunt and the ground breaking New Adventures of Mighty Mouse.

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