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Comics on Infinite Earths-The Birth of Image comics

We discuss the major event that caused a bunch of great artists to leave Marvel and start their own company.   What series they started off with and where they are now.

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Video Night!  Cronenberg's The Fly and The Fly II

We discuss David Cronenberg's brilliant remake of the Fly and it's sequel.

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Back in Toons Minisode: Rock and Rule

We discuss the highly underrated, somewhat lost and forgotten animated flick Rock and Rule

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Comics on Infinite Earths- 30th anniversary of Crisis on Infinite Earths

First episode!   Through this series we will discuss major storylines, huge events, companies and creators that are now gone and sometimes a weirdo episodes where we just discuss random comics.

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Back in Toons- Batman Beyond
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nuff said

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Back in Toons: Superman: The animated series

We discuss the classic Fleischer shorts as well as the incredible 90's series.

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Video Night! Deadpool

Do we really need to explain this episode?  All you need to know if we gave it MAXIMUM EFFORT!

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Back in Toons: Batman: The animated series

We deep dive into what may be the greatest animated series of all time.   

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Video Night!: PARANOIA!

While everyone is watching you, listen to this episode filled with movies about paranoia.  The Thing, Bug, Chasing Sleep, Paranoia 2.0 and Lunatics: A love story.


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