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Comics on Infinite Earths- Secret Wars I & II

We dive into Marvel's first major crossover event Secret Wars and it's oddly fascinating sequel.

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Video Night! Summer Movie Preview 2016

So it's our annual look at what movies we think will hit big or flop hard this summer

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Video Night!: The Good, The Bad, The WTF?! of Jason Statham

We discuss the best, the worst and the crazy mind boggling films of Jason Statham

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Back in Toons- Fire and Ice

We discuss the cult classic Fantasy flick from Ralph Bakshi

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Comics on infinite earths-Masters of the Universe

This episode focuses on those special comics that would come with the action figures.

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Invasion of Video Night!

We discuss a handful of great alien invasion flicks, Puppet Masters, Faculty, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Attack the block and more.

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Back in Toons-Inspector Gadget

We discuss the classic cartoon with the coolest gadgets and the goofiest detective.

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Back in Toons/Video Night! crossover: Iron Giant

We do a special crossover episode with my Video Night! co-host to discuss one of the finest animated movies of all time: Iron Giant!

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Full Throttle Podcast- Top Gun and Iron Eagle

We discuss which is better Top Gun and Iron Eagle, just in time for their 30th anniversaries.  We also dive into which of the IE sequels worked and which stunk.

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Video Night! The Good, the Bad and the WTF? of Rutger Hauer

The title explains it all.  

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