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Trash Cinema: The Punisher Films

We discuss why it's just so damn hard to make a great Punisher movie that will be accepted by audiences and critics.    

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Comics on Infinite Earths- Fraggle Rock and Star Comics
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Back in Toons- The Perfect Saturday Morning

As we head toward our 100th episode, I thought I would mix up the format

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Video Night! The Blob (1988)

We champion one of the greatest and most underrated remakes of all time.   This fantastic flick from Chuck Russell and Frank Darabont was a flop in theaters and has been somewhat forgotten over the last couple decades.  We discuss what makes it so great and why you should check it out.

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Back in Toons-Tiny Toons Adventures/Taz-Mania

We discuss 2 classic toons from Warner Brothers that relaunched the Looney Tunes Universe for a new generation.

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Comics on Infinite Earths- Top 10 Comic based movies of all time

We discuss our personal list of Top comic book movie of all time.   What's yours?

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We discuss nights of young madness that were clearly under the influence.   Regrets and mistakes.....everywhere.  

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Video Night! Raiders of the Lost Kung Fu Flicks.

Writer/Editor Kent Hill joins me for this episode focusing on that rarely discussed era of martial arts flicks (1986-1996) aka the Third Wave that were barely released or went straight to video.   It's a chunk of film history that deserves more respect and have the history researched and saved for future generations of film buffs.    Much love goes out to all of those heroes and heroines of that world who gave us so much fun entertainment.   

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WTF Toons?! Rubik the amazing Cube

We return with another WTF? edition of Back in Toons where we discuss one of the most insane animated shows of all time, Rubik the Amazing Cube.

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