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Video Night! 30th anniversary of Running Scared & Armed and Dangerous

We discuss two buddy cop flicks from 1986, Running Scared with Billy Crystal and Gregory hines.  Then we chat about Armed and Dangerous with John Candy and Eugene Levy.  

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Comics on Infinite Earths-Mutant Massacre

We discuss one of the most pivotal storylines in the X-men history.

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WTF Toons!?  Gilligan's Planet

Insane, incomprehensible, idiotic and incredibly entertaining mess that is Gilligan's Planet is discussed.

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Comics on Infinite Earths-Daredevil: Born Again

We discuss what might be the greatest Daredevil story of all time.

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Trash Cinema-Basket Case & The Stuff

We dig deeper into real trash cinema as we explore two titles that epitomized Grindhouse and Drive-in entertainment of the 80's

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Back in Toons-The Tick and Earthworm Jim

We go wacky for these two amazing cartoons.   The Tick which holds up so well and is incredible in every iteration. Earthworm Jim which is one of the best games of all time and pretty darn good toon.   

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Full Throttle Podcast- Knight Rider

We finally discuss one of the greatest action shows of the 80's.   Sadly we have to also discuss the spin-offs and sequels.  Bleh.  

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 Escape to Video Night!

We discuss underrated prison/escape flicks like No Escape, Escape Plan,  Fortress, Lockout and Cube.   

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Video Night!  Attack of the Sci-Fu flicks

We return to our discussion of lost and underrated kung fu flicks but this time with a Science Fiction flavor to them.

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Comics on Infinite Earths-Deadpool vs. Carnage
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