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Comics on Infinite Earths- The Dark Knight Returns

We discuss the groundbreaking mini-series, the animated adaptation and finally discuss Batman vs Superman.

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WTF?! Toons-  Samurai Pizza Cats

We discuss one bonkers cartoon.

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Video Night! All Star Teen flicks of the 80's

Ken Reid of Tv Guidance Counselor is the special guest on this episode as we discuss the short-lived trend of the All Star Teen TV movies of the 80's.   We chat about High School U.S.A., Poison Ivy,  Dance til Dawn, Crash Course,  Dream Date and Camp Cucamonga.   

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The Perfect Saturday Morning episode 6

This episode we discuss TMNT, Winnie the pooh, Doug and more

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The Perfect Saturday Morning episode 5

This week we discuss Invader Zim, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, The Brak show and more.

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Comics on Infinite Earths-The Killing Joke

The gang at Above the Airwaves guest on this episode and discuss the pivotal Batman tale The Killing Joke and compare it to the animated film.

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Back in Toons/Video Night!: Planet of the Apes franchise

GET YOUR EARS ON THIS PODCAST, YOU DAMN DIRTY FANS!  We discuss the animated series, the live action series,  every single POTA film and even touch on the comics a bit.  I am an insane fan of the series, so you might hear me frothing and drooling over the topic on this ep.

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Video Night!: Pulp Heroes

We discuss Dick Tracy, The Rocketeer, The Shadow and The Phantom

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Comics on Infinite Earths-House of M

We know, we have been to Marvel heavy lately so we promise to go into another universe next but till then,  we discuss one of the most pivotal moments in the last decade for Marvel.

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Trash Cinema- Christian Slater Power Hour

The gang discusses two not so classic Christian Slater flicks that got a cold shoulder from critics and/or audiences.    Kuffs and Pump up the Volume are both flawed but highly entertaining flicks that should be re-discovered.