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Comics on Infinite Earths- The New Warriors

We discuss the beginnings of the New Warriors.

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Back in Toons/Video Night: The Pink Panther Franchise

We discuss everything right and wrong with every entry into the Pink Panther Live action and animated world.

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Trash Cinema: 36 Chambers of Shaolin & Taoism Drunkard

We discuss 2 bonkers kung fu flicks.

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Video Night! 30th anniversary of Three Amigos & Little Shop of horrors

We discuss the amazing musical double feature with Steve Martin and an incredible cast,  Three amigos (my favorite movie of all time) and Little Shop of Horrors

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Video Night!  The Highlander franchise

There can be only on.  There can be actually quite a few of them.   Highlanders everywhere I tell ya.   We discuss one of the most frustrating franchises of all time.  So much good and sooooooo much bad.

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Trash Cinema-Explorers & Flight of the Navigator

The gang discusses 2 movies that were expected to be huge hits and fell flat at the box office.

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Comics on Infinite Earths-Spidey Super Stories

The gang discusses an very rare Spider-man tale.

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Trash Cinema : Troll & Once Bitten

The Gang discusses 2 horror comedies from the 80's that just kind of suck.  

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Comics on Infinite Earths-Infinite Crisis

We discuss the 10th anniversary of one of the greatest events in DC history, Infinite Crisis.

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Trash Cinema-Terrorvision & Video Dead

We discuss two wildly different flicks that have to do with monsters coming from your tv.

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