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My Back in Toons co-host Jacob is the curator of the perfect Halloween playlist for our final episode of the season.   We chat about Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Fly, Hocus Pocus,  The Crow, The Thing and many more.

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Full Throttle Podcast-Get Smart and The Monkees

It's our final episode!  Thanks to everyone who supported us over the two year run.   We have basically run out of tv shows to discuss and decided to wrap things up.   We will be doing the occasional movie special and moving on to our new Sci-Fi show.   So to wrap it up, we discuss 50 years of the Monkees and the enduring silly classic Get Smart.  

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Stumbling towards Adulthood-Trick or Treat!

We discuss the ridiculous costumes,  the razor blade scare, pranks, and haunted locations of our youth.

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Back in Toons-The Nightmare before Christmas

We celebrate one of the greatest animated movies of all time for our annual Halloween special.

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Video Night: The Perfect Halloween episode 6

Writer/Producer Chad Law (Daylight' End) is the guest on this episode as we discuss Phantasm,  The Dream Master, Halloween 4,  Final Girls, Freaks of Nature, Silver Bullet, Late Phases and much more 

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Trash Cinema-Let's do some Van Dammage!

We discuss the most bonkers films of JCVD's career, Double Team and Knock off.  

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Video Night! The Perfect Halloween episode 5

This episode we discuss obscure forgotten horror flicks as comedian Ken Reid builds his perfect playlist for the holiday.  We discuss Fun-Size, Lady in White,  Night of the Demons,  The Willies,  Popcorn,  Tourist Trap and more

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Video Night! The Phantasm Franchise

We discuss the first 4 entries of the series in anticipation of the final chapter.

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Comics on Infinite Earths-Saga of the Swamp Thing

We discuss the first arc of Alan Moore's run on the legendary creature.

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Video Night!- The Perfect Halloween IV

Our annual playlist of the Perfect Halloween viewing is back!  Each episode we have a special guest on to discuss what they think would make for an excellent movie night for October 31st.

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