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We discuss two crazy musicals that bombed on release but have become cult favorites for two wildly different reasons.

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The title says it all.  We discuss our worst jobs and the hijinks that ensued.

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We discuss the pivotal but somewhat forgotten mini-series that cemented Tim Drake as Robin and finally made the character a force to be reckoned with by taking on the Joker single-handed.

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We discuss two trashy but very fun flicks from Terry Marcel.

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We discuss the reboots of Transformers: Beast Wars and The second series of G.I. Joe produced by DIC.

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We discuss two trashy but great flicks that explore our fear of clowns

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We discuss two trashy fun flicks set in the mall.

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We discuss the grand series of Wallace and Gromit with laughs and lots of Cheeeese. We also discuss the early Aardman films and say goodbye to Peter Sallis.

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We launch our new podcast about Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror shows that were for the most part very short lived.  We start with The Adventures of Brisco County Jr with Bruce Campbell and Legend with Richard Dead Anderson.

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