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It may seem insignificant to you that we celebrate 30 years of FOX but at the time it was a punk rock revolution in television.   A network that launched with 21 Jump st,  Married with Children, Tracy Ullman show and a whole lot of controversy.    We end with the Mainstream breakthrough with In Living Color, The Simpsons and 90210.   Let's also not forget the cult hits, Parker Lewis,  Herman's Head,  Gary Shandling Show and Beans Baxter.

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This episode we discuss Judge Dredd, the comics, the movies and the radio plays.     We also chat about how much Superman III and IV sucked and the lastest comic book news.

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We discuss one of the weirdest Marvel Teams of all time.   The New Defenders relaunch changed the team dramatically and also altered it's direction.  Was it a good idea or terrible?

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We discuss two highly underrated Clive Barker flicks that were ignored at the theaters.

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This episode we discuss 4 underrated big bug flicks.   Blue Monkey,  Eight Legged Freaks, Infestation and Ticks.

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We discuss the show that helped launch the FOX network and quickly fell of quality wise.  

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