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This episode we discuss Mummies Alive, Bump in the Night, Aaah! Real Monsters and Toonsylvania.

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We discuss 4 flicks with Dopey Dude Duos. Spies like us. A Night at the Roxbury.  Ready to Rumble and Evil Alien Conquerors.   

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We discuss two Kevin Costner flicks that were big flops but deserving of a second look.

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We discuss our dating disasters,  lame attempts at getting the girl and clear ineptitude in relationships.

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We discuss two beach musicals that tried to update their respective genres.   They might have flopped at the box office but do they deserve a second look?

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We discuss two fun syndicated teen shows from the 80's.

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This episode we discuss Recess, TMNT, Spider-man (1994 series), Hey Arnold, Doug, Ducktales and more of what would make our perfect animation playlist.

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We celebrate 40 years of the Atari 2600!  We are f%cking old!   We discuss the classics to the complete trash.  The end of an era and the nostalgia revival of the brand.  

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This episode we discuss Clerks, Spaceballs, The Mummy and Starship Troopers.

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This episode is a bit of a rough one audio-wise.   It's a great discussion but something went wrong along the way and there are a few glitches.   But again, great fun discussing these bonkers flicks about sword and sorcery.

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