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This episode we discuss JC's two flicks from 1995 that bombed but one was pretty damn good and the other a campy but fun flick.

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This is our final entry in our Cartoon Network Orginals discussion.

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This episode we discuss the first 4 Jurassic Park flicks and what summer flicks we think will light up the box office or stink up the theater.

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This episode we discuss,  Rocky & Bullwinkle, Garfield and Friends, Ducktales, Looney Toons, Samurai Pizza Cats, Dino-warriors, Eek the Cat,  Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Freakazoid, TMNT and Adventures of T-rex.  

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We discuss the short-lived television sequel series to the classic War of the Worlds flick.  

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We continue our conversation on cartoons with a focus on robots.   Transformers: Headmasters, Roboforce, Bots Master and Super Robot Monkey Force Go!

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We discuss two action flicks that take on cults!

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This episode we discuss Force Five, World of Super-Adventure, He-man and the Masters of the Universe, Transformers, The Real Ghostbusters,  TMNT, X-men,  Spider-man, Batman and Justice League Unlimited.   

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The gang discusses a sci-fi flick from Ivan Reitman that had so much potential and went nowhere with critics and at the box office.

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