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We dig deep into the world of the Graboids and discuss every entry in the series (so far).

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We discuss what works and doesn't work for the two kings of sea.   We discuss Aquaman's early days which would cause him to be a joke for decades.  Then we move over to his "extreme" period written by Peter David.  Finally over to the newer storylines like Sub diego and the Trench.    


Namor, from his early days as a nemesis of Fantastic Four,  to the rebirth by John Byrne to the his joining with the Illuminati.

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This episode we discuss two flicks that are more similar than you would think.   Let's celebrate the 20th anniversary of Can't Hardly Wait and Dancer, Texas POP 81.

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We discuss for Ups and Downs of Dolph Lundgren's fascinatingly weird career trajectory.   Masters of the Universe, The Punisher, Showdown in Little Tokyo, The Joshua Tree, Johnny Mnemonic, Expendables and his upcoming appearance in Aquaman and more are discussed here.

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We discuss the pivotal moments in pop culture from 1989.   Faith No More, Tone Loc, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, Dragon Warrior, Seinfeld, Doogie Howser, Christian Slater ruling the cinematic world,  Bill & Ted, Heathers, Weekend at Bernies and so much more.   

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This episode we discuss selected videos from the past that are animated.   Elvis Costello, A-ha, Dire Straits, Paula Abdul, Tool, Korn, Pearl Jam and more.

The Commentary goes with this playlist.

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We discuss two forgotten flicks that look like grindhouse trash but are so much more and should be watched.

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This episode we discuss Muppet Babies, Boondocks, Darkwing Duck, Droid, Ewoks, Tigersharks, X-men, Count Duckula, Spider-man, Bob's Burgers and more.

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This episode we discuss the two cheesy action flicks from Cannon Films that focused on Alan Quatermain, King Solomon's Mines & Lost City of Gold.

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This episode we discuss Pac-man, Thundercats, Transformers, Tigersharks, Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Ducktales, Teen Wolf and more in our first live episode where we interact with the audience.

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