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This episode we discuss Recess, TMNT, Spider-man (1994 series), Hey Arnold, Doug, Ducktales and more of what would make our perfect animation playlist.

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We discuss the reboots of Transformers: Beast Wars and The second series of G.I. Joe produced by DIC.

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We discuss two trashy but great flicks that explore our fear of clowns

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We discuss the grand series of Wallace and Gromit with laughs and lots of Cheeeese. We also discuss the early Aardman films and say goodbye to Peter Sallis.

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Just in time for the final season we discuss what has been a truly entertaining, highly inventive and creative show.    

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We discuss the greatest animation universe ever.  Our favorite characters,  funniest shorts and the massive world of crossovers.

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Let's go global or some b@llsh*t like that.

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We celebrate 3 years of our show and we want to thank all of you for the support.     This episode we do a double feature of Ralph Bakshi flicks-American Pop and Cool World.

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We are finally back after a couple months off and return with two classic toons that still stand the test of time.

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