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We discuss 4 non-stop action flicks that never let up.  Daylight's End, Shoot em up,  Kiss of the Dragon and District B13/Brick mansions.

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I could explain why we chose this but I just like to torture my cohost.

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Seriously F*ck this cartoon and F*ck that name.   One insane cowpie of a cartoon right here.

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We discuss 30 years of the Beastie Boys albums,  the underrated genius of 3rd Bass,  the forgotten and frankly confusing Young Black Teenagers,  the badassness of House of Pain and the painful world of Vanilla Ice.  We also discuss Snow, Marky Mark and Eminem finally making it no longer seem like a novelty.  

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This special episode we present the Marvel Radio show from the 70's of Conan the Barbarian.

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The Era of dingy arcades, "Of the Moment" clothing stores,  scoping out the opposite sex,  weird shit at the food court, The Batman explosion of 1989, the friggin Record & Tape stores EVERYWHERE and more.  

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Comics on Infinite Earths- Favorite Cartoons based on Comics

This episode we discuss Spider-man and his Amazing friends, Spawn,  Big Guy and Rusty,  Super Powers,  Batman: TAS and more.

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Stumbling Towards Adulthood- The 1986 Holiday Wishbook

We discuss the 1986 Sears Wish Book, it's silly fads and amazing toys.   Go here to see the catalog while you listen to the episode

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Back in Toons-The Adult Swim Chronicles

We begin a mini-series examining cartoons that were part of the early days of Adult Swim.   This episode we chat about Space Ghost:Coast to Coast,  The Brak Show and Sealab 2021.   Brought to you by Grizzlebees.   

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Video Night! The Phantasm Franchise

We discuss the first 4 entries of the series in anticipation of the final chapter.

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