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This episode we discuss the Court and City of Owls storylines.

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This show was delayed a bit so it's no longer the 20th anniversary of these series but there still awesome to discuss anyway.

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The gang from What did we just watch?!?! guest on this episode as they breakdown all the head-scratching fascinating details of Twin Peaks.   Brought to you by Gimetzco!

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We discuss two really similar prison flicks that have wildly different results.

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We discuss the 20th anniversary of Guillermo Del Toro's monster masterpiece and the sequels that followed.

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We discuss two bonkers Holiday flicks, one great and one truly terrible.

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This episode we discuss Tales from the Darkside,  Monsters, Freddy's Nightmares and Friday the 13th: The Series.

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We discuss the adventures and disasters associated with the great white powder.   No, not cocaine.... snow you dork.  What were you thinking?

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This episode we experiment with a new format that mixes in the main topic with other animation oriented news.

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This entry we discuss Friday the 13th parts 6 though X.

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