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We discuss the greatest animation universe ever.  Our favorite characters,  funniest shorts and the massive world of crossovers.

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I could explain why we chose this but I just like to torture my cohost.

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Seriously F*ck this cartoon and F*ck that name.   One insane cowpie of a cartoon right here.

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We discuss the original 1986-1988 run of Booster Gold.

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Let's go global or some b@llsh*t like that.

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In our second half of our Bill Paxton tribute we discuss his independent films.   Frailty,  Club Dread, The Vagrant, Brain Dead, Monolith and The Dark Backward.

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We discuss the major event of the 90's.....which became moot a year later.  But hey, it was highly entertaining and a heck of a read.   

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We discuss 30 years of the Beastie Boys albums,  the underrated genius of 3rd Bass,  the forgotten and frankly confusing Young Black Teenagers,  the badassness of House of Pain and the painful world of Vanilla Ice.  We also discuss Snow, Marky Mark and Eminem finally making it no longer seem like a novelty.  

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This episode we discuss 4 great Trucker Flicks.  Convoy, White Line Fever, Black Dog and High Ballin.

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