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We discuss two buddy cop classics from 1987, Dragnet and Stakeout

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We celebrate 3 years of our show and we want to thank all of you for the support.     This episode we do a double feature of Ralph Bakshi flicks-American Pop and Cool World.

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This episode we discuss his big films like Aliens, True Lies, Twister, Tombstone ETC.

Next episode we focus on his weirder, independent flicks.

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This special episode we present the Marvel Radio show from the 70's of Conan the Barbarian.

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We discuss The Hidden, Dead Heat, Alien Nation and I come in peace (aka Dark Angel)

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We are finally back after a couple months off and return with two classic toons that still stand the test of time.

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We discuss the original, the remake and the rest of H.B. Halicki's films

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We discuss the major DC event of 1988.  

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The Era of dingy arcades, "Of the Moment" clothing stores,  scoping out the opposite sex,  weird shit at the food court, The Batman explosion of 1989, the friggin Record & Tape stores EVERYWHERE and more.  

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Comics on Infinite Earths- The Flaming Carrot & The Mystery Men

After many episodes where we focused on the big two companies, we decide to head into an independent title. It's a crazy one from Bob Burden so sit back, listen and UT!

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