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Just in time for the final season we discuss what has been a truly entertaining, highly inventive and creative show.    

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We discuss a musical that nobody had faith in and was a huge flop.  Then unexpectedly it became a big cult hit on video and tv.   We discuss why this movie matters and why it connected to an audience after its theatrical release.  

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We discuss the greatest animation universe ever.  Our favorite characters,  funniest shorts and the massive world of crossovers.

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I could explain why we chose this but I just like to torture my cohost.

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Seriously F*ck this cartoon and F*ck that name.   One insane cowpie of a cartoon right here.

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We discuss the original 1986-1988 run of Booster Gold.

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Let's go global or some b@llsh*t like that.

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In our second half of our Bill Paxton tribute we discuss his independent films.   Frailty,  Club Dread, The Vagrant, Brain Dead, Monolith and The Dark Backward.

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We discuss the major event of the 90's.....which became moot a year later.  But hey, it was highly entertaining and a heck of a read.   

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