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We discuss the grand series of Wallace and Gromit with laughs and lots of Cheeeese. We also discuss the early Aardman films and say goodbye to Peter Sallis.

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We launch our new podcast about Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror shows that were for the most part very short lived.  We start with The Adventures of Brisco County Jr with Bruce Campbell and Legend with Richard Dead Anderson.

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Two notorious flops, One we defend and the other......not so much.   Find out which one is which.  

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We present another unearthed Radio Play from Marvel.   

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The episode we uncover and share a radio play from the 70's of FF featuring Bill Murray as Human Torch!

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This episode we discuss Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying,  Old School Valiant Comics and upcoming comic book flicks.

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We are back for our 2017 run of The Perfect Saturday Morning where we discuss great cartoons from the 90's up till now.  What will make the list of the most excellent cartoons of all time that make up the perfect saturday morning schedule?

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Usually we go old school but this episode we grab a recent run of the very bizarre and highly entertaining of Moon Knight.

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We talk about the Original Classic, The Sequel and the live action spin-offs.

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Madness, just madness and a touch a racism.

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