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Retro Rocket Entertainment episode 6

This episode we break down Amazing Spider-man 2, channing tatum as Gambit, visited by Droopy Dog, Celebrate the  anniversary of Sixteen Candles, Weezer's debut and Breakin. Avengers vs. X-men and Reboot or Remake?  That and much more! Most of it much worse.  

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Back in Toons Classics- Swamp Thing: The animated series

we do a commentary for the first episode of the swamp thing cartoon. one of us may or may not have been really high.

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Video Night! Special Comic Book Movie edition

We go throught the history of Comic book movies and decide what was Great, So-so and just plain crap.

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Retro Rocket Entertainment 5

We are visited by the ghost of alfred hitchcock, introduced to puke-o the clown, say goodbye to bob hoskins and nearly fall apart over the L.A. Clippers debate. The Kevin Costner comeback, the rise, fall and rise again of Dolph Lundgren, booming record sales and Stephen King flicks.

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We discuss the silverhawks while watching the first episode of the series.  

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Back in Toons Classics-Toxic Crusaders

we host a commentary track for the cult classic toon Toxic Crusaders. 

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Retro Rocket Entertainment Special 4/20 edition

Everything Pot related.  We discuss all sorts of reefer madness in entertainment.

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Marijuana legalization Radio Play

This radio play was banned from ever airing.  Former producer/DJ Jim Hilsabeck created this years ago to help the legalization of marijuana.  It was never aired due to content.   Now here for the first time we have the opportunity to listen to it complete and uncensored.    Its completely free but please donate to the man who put so much time and money into it.  send paypal or encouraging words to . Thanks.

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Video Night! presents So I married an Ax murderer

we dive into a commentary track for one of our favorites growing up.  So I married an ax murderer was a complete flop when it came out but turned into a big cult classic. 

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Retro Rocket Entertainment Episode 4

We discuss Police Academy, The crow, Greatest Comedy Stars and more in our new studio!

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