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Stumbling towards adulthood part 3: Sophomore Slump

Don't ask, I can't answer.  My palm is planted to my face right now with embarassment. 

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Stumbling towards adulthood part 2: Welcome freshman

I sort out the awkwardly painful details of my first year of high school.  The most miserable year of my life.   

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Stumbling towards Adulthood part 1: Fish out of water

I go through my torturously awkward teenage years.  So get your palm ready to slap your face as I recite many many years worth of cringe inducing moments.

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Back in toons- mega man

We discuss the world and history of mega man while watching the first episode of the classic cartoon.

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Back in Toons-G.I. joe original series

We discuss the world of G.I. Joe while watching the first episode of the original series.

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Back in toons- Transformers

we do commentary for the first episode of the original Transformers series.  We discuss the movies, the comics, the toys and of course.. the cartoon.

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Retro Rocket Entertainment Special Tributes edition

We do a special episode where discuss the legacy of the Ramones, celebrate the career of "Weird" Al Yankovic and go through the entire media universe of Planet of the apes.   That and we throw in the rest of the best entertainment news.   

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Hey Retro Rocketeers!  Join us for another great entertainment fix, you junkies.  We celebrate Gay Pride day, discuss Last Starfighter, True Lies, Furious 7 and dig into some one hit wonders. That and trying to unravel one of the world's greatest mysteries: The existence of Weekend at Bernies 2.  Much more that I am too lazy to write down.  Let's Go!

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Back in Toons-Skysurfer Strike Force
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Video Night! Trailers 3:The Domination!

another kickass round of 80s movie trailers.

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