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Video Night! The Perfect Halloween episode II

It's another grand edition of My Favorites with Will Viharo formerly "The Thrill" movie host in the Bay area now "The Quill"  Pulp Writer.   The creator of the cult detective series Vic Valentine takes a break from his next novel to discuss with me his Top Ten Horror movie selections for this Halloween.  Prepare to be Amazed!  Be Astounded by the Choices!   Shock and Awe Awaits!


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Stumbling Towards adulthood-The college years part 4

Suddenly, I became the last kid from Huntington left.  Weird, different but a moment of growth.   The last chapter of that time of my life.   It's a strange that this is all over.   Thanks for listening to this series.

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Video Night! The Perfect Halloween III

I discuss with SF's Nightlife personality/Entertainer/Movie Host/Stage producer Joey Heal aka Crafty Dough his movie choices for this Halloween.  

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Video Night! presents Writer/Director of Ouija,  Stiles White

I interview writer & director of Universal's new movie Ouija coming 10/24/14 to theaters everywhere.   We discuss how he went from working for Stan Winston on some of the biggest movies of the 90's.  Writing for Sam Raimi on Boogeyman and Possession. The awesomeness of working with Nicolas Cage and Alex Proyas on Knowing. His short films with cult actor/former teen idol Chris Young. Finally we dive into how he got his first directorial job and how to make a horror film timeless and emotionally effective.

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Video Night! The Perfect Halloween episode 1

Pop artist/creator of the comic Doombug 13 and member of the badass band Station! Andrew Bargeron discusses with me his list of favorite Horror flicks.

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Back in toons-13 Ghosts of Scooby-doo

I discuss the most maligned series of the Scooby-Doo universe with Tony Tran writer of the hilarious blog the Angry Clerksman.  

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Stumbling towards Adulthood-The College years part 3

The Year I accidentely became an lead actor, a backstabber and a drunk.  More than a little embarrassed by this year.   But its also the year we all started to grow up.  Just kidding.  More silly shenanigans.

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Video Night! Interviews John Lehr

Hey RetroRocketeers!  I have a grand interview with the Co-creator and Star of the Cult hits Quickdraw, Jailbait and 10 items or less.  I discuss his beginnings at ground zero of the new school of improv.  His early days with working with Noah Baumbach and co-starring with Christina Applegate on Jesse.   We deep dive into how his shows were made.  45 minutes with a man so nice and funny, it makes you think he may in fact secretly be burying drifters in his backyard.

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Stumbling Towards Adulthood-Spring Break: Nerd Style

We were poor kids who refused to follow the rest of the school to cliche locations like Ft. Lauderdale or Miami for Spring Break.  We decided to do the exact opposite of what was expected and maybe it wasn't that good of an idea.  We went idiot camping.

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Video Night! Interviews Remo D. Host of Manor of Mayhem

 From the beginning of Retro Rocket Enertainment I have wanted to do this show.  Things finally lined up and my first guest is Horror Host Remo D. (aka Shane Dallman) of the long running fan favorite Tv show Manor of Mayhem.  Not only that he has contributed to numerous horror magazines and is full on movie trivia expert.   I go over his life, career and long lost cult classics.   Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

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