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This episode we chat about two trashy flicks that have cyber gals in them.   

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This episode we discuss, Batman: Year One, Flashpoint, Rawhide Kid, Kelly Green, Longshot, The Toys that made us and more

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This episode we discuss a show we loved but were frustrated by, Roswell.

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We discuss all 4 original entries, the remake and the tv series.

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This episode we discuss Justice League Unlimited, Mighty Max, Gargoyles,  Darkwing Duck and more.   

My guest Erich Wildgrube IV has a kickstarter to fund his new sword and sorcery novel  The Empress and the Archer.

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Krull was one of the most expensive films of the 80's and also one of the biggest flops.  It got terrible reviews and is still mocked to this day.  Buuuuuut through the many many showings on cable and home video it became a cult classic to many who found a gem in the rough.  The gang gets together to defend this flick and discuss why they love it.

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This episode we discuss Vertical Limit, Whitewash, Devil's Backbone and Insomnia.   I also might have become a cannibal.  IT WAS NECESSARY AT THE TIME, DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!

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We discuss what may have been the most controversial storyline of the 80's for DC comics.

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This episode we discuss the Court and City of Owls storylines.

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This show was delayed a bit so it's no longer the 20th anniversary of these series but there still awesome to discuss anyway.

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