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Stumbling towards Adulthood-The College years part 3

The Year I accidentely became an lead actor, a backstabber and a drunk.  More than a little embarrassed by this year.   But its also the year we all started to grow up.  Just kidding.  More silly shenanigans.

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Video Night! Interviews John Lehr

Hey RetroRocketeers!  I have a grand interview with the Co-creator and Star of the Cult hits Quickdraw, Jailbait and 10 items or less.  I discuss his beginnings at ground zero of the new school of improv.  His early days with working with Noah Baumbach and co-starring with Christina Applegate on Jesse.   We deep dive into how his shows were made.  45 minutes with a man so nice and funny, it makes you think he may in fact secretly be burying drifters in his backyard.

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Stumbling Towards Adulthood-Spring Break: Nerd Style

We were poor kids who refused to follow the rest of the school to cliche locations like Ft. Lauderdale or Miami for Spring Break.  We decided to do the exact opposite of what was expected and maybe it wasn't that good of an idea.  We went idiot camping.

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Video Night! Interviews Remo D. Host of Manor of Mayhem

 From the beginning of Retro Rocket Enertainment I have wanted to do this show.  Things finally lined up and my first guest is Horror Host Remo D. (aka Shane Dallman) of the long running fan favorite Tv show Manor of Mayhem.  Not only that he has contributed to numerous horror magazines and is full on movie trivia expert.   I go over his life, career and long lost cult classics.   Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

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Stumbling towards adulthood: The college years #1

I honestly never expected much attention to the original series (set in high school) but it stunned me when it became our most successful series.   So why not, go ahead with a sequel.   Some people called us nerds because we didn't join a fraternity.  We didn't go to wild parties.  We weren't the social butterflies.  What we were was rebellious misfits who refused to follow the norm.

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Stumbling towards adulthood: The college Years #2

Let's go to College take 2.  I failed miserably the first time around.  So I went back, saved cash and changed majors.  

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Back in Toons-Freakazoid

We dive deep into insanity as we discuss the cult classic Freakazoid.   

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Classic Back in Toons- Teen wolf

All month we are doing Halloween/Monster Cartoons.   We decided to discuss a cartoon that most people don't know existed and fewer even acknowledge.  But its hard to deny the talent behind this ignored cartoon.   

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Back in Toons-The Pirates of Dark Water

 My co-host Jacob is a huge fan of this cartoon and has been requesting that we do it for months.  I finally relented and am now a huge fan.   Thanks to our fans for voting on this episode to do this week.  Next month is all halloween or monster oriented cartoons.  If you have any that you want us to discuss, let us know.


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Back in Toons- The Littles

We chitchat about the series while we watch the first episode. With Ronnie Millington.  We tend to do cartoons that are more geared towards guys.  But lately we have been testing the waters with cartoons that appealed to both sexes.   Good choice or bad?  Should we continue adding this type of toon to the show?  Let us know.  Next episode: Pirates of Dark Water.

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