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Retro Rocket Entertainment Special Tributes edition

We do a special episode where discuss the legacy of the Ramones, celebrate the career of "Weird" Al Yankovic and go through the entire media universe of Planet of the apes.   That and we throw in the rest of the best entertainment news.   

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Hey Retro Rocketeers!  Join us for another great entertainment fix, you junkies.  We celebrate Gay Pride day, discuss Last Starfighter, True Lies, Furious 7 and dig into some one hit wonders. That and trying to unravel one of the world's greatest mysteries: The existence of Weekend at Bernies 2.  Much more that I am too lazy to write down.  Let's Go!

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Back in Toons-Skysurfer Strike Force
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Video Night! Trailers 3:The Domination!

another kickass round of 80s movie trailers.

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Retro Rocket Entertainment News Episode 9

We discuss the latest entertainment news, we reminisce the most difficult games from classic consoles and our favorite weird toys from our childhood.   We go through a list of terrible to incredible one hit wonders.  Warning: we also discuss some serious political topics.

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Retro Rocket Entertainment News episode 8

 We discuss Justice League, Nathan Fillion and as always Star Wars.   We celebrate the 1989 Batman and Honey I shrunk the kids.  We rip apart Fox News for not being "Fair and balanced" or frankly news.   Lastly we discuss games and activities from our childhood that should have killed us.    

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Video Night! Trailers-Musical Edition

we do a commentary track for movie musicals-classic and not so much. Use this playlist to sync up with

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we do a commentary for the opening themes to classic tv shows.  use this playlist to sync up with

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 Back in Toons: TMNT

we do a commentary for the first episode of TMNT: The original series.   We reflect on the cartoon, the comic and movies.

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Retro Rocket special edition- One hit wonders

Mindy Mathis joins me for a list of one hit wonders.   We run a speed commentary of a bunch of videos on a youtube playlist

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