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Retro Rocket Entertainment Special Edition KISS 40th anniversary and more

We celebrate 40 yrs of KISS, Discuss the Ant-man disaster, honor 30 years of Ghostbusters and Gremlins.  We discuss the stigma of Male virginity, the taboo of artistic nudity vs violence in media. That and the bummer event called Bottlerock

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For the life of me I can't understand why the first episode was so insanely popular.  But here we go,  episode 2.   use this link on youtube to sync up the commentary with

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Retro Rocket Entertainment special X-men edition

I chit chat with stand-up comic/ Martial artist Gustavo Loyola the world of X-men in all media.  I thought I knew a lot but he just destroys my level of knowledge.

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Beastie Boys and the brilliance of Paul's boutique, The Fright night franchise, Streets of fire,  the lunacy of Road house. That and we tackle some serious issues in our world.

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Video night! Trailers

We do a speed run commentary through a series of action trailers.   link up with this youtube playlist

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Classic Back in Toons- Captain N- The game master

We discuss the first episode of the cult classic toon.

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Retro Rocket Entertainment episode 6

This episode we break down Amazing Spider-man 2, channing tatum as Gambit, visited by Droopy Dog, Celebrate the  anniversary of Sixteen Candles, Weezer's debut and Breakin. Avengers vs. X-men and Reboot or Remake?  That and much more! Most of it much worse.  

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Back in Toons Classics- Swamp Thing: The animated series

we do a commentary for the first episode of the swamp thing cartoon. one of us may or may not have been really high.

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Video Night! Special Comic Book Movie edition

We go throught the history of Comic book movies and decide what was Great, So-so and just plain crap.

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